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Claudia has always had a passion for books and writing, however it really came to fruition in combination with her love for animals and activism. Being intimately involved with the animal rescue group Justice for Dogs, she felt compelled to write a book about the rescue dogs that she and her pit bull Eddie were involved with. The book called "Eddie's Tails" was released November 22nd 2013 and within weeks became a favorite in Northern Vermont.

Born and raised in Germany Claudia came to the US in 1992 and initially lived in Washington D.C. for 11 years. In 2003 she made the move to Vermont which has become her forever home. She lives in a log cabin in the woods with an ever changing menagerie of animals!

The FAM!

Claudia and animals go hand in hand and it is uncertain who rescued whom!

Eddie was a one-eyed pit-bull who came into Claudia's life in December of 2012 and the two had been living the good life ever since. Enough food, shelter and lots of love. 

What else could anybody even hope for in life! Unfortunately Eddie passed over the rainbow bridge in March of 2016...

​In April of 2014 Maya a wonderful rescue German shepherd was added to the pack and she is a perfect addition to this happy family!

Maya is now entirely a mama's girl and the only other dog allowed is Bagel the blind beagle who joined the family in October of 2016. He should have been called NOSE....

There is also Shimmy, Kitty, and Tiger who live upstairs (although Shimmy recently breached the divide and now comes downstairs as well!  

Tiger and Kitty are still hesitant and a little afraid of Maya however that is starting to wear off quickly, time will tell... :) 


When you buy our books you become a part of something much greater than you or us!

You become part of a vision, a vision for a planet that is sustainable and a love that is equal for all beings. Maya, Bagel and I make a living building log cabins and renting them out to vacationers as well as doing workshop retreats. Our dream is to build a farm animal sanctuary here in Lamoille county and pretty much all the money from the books and all the left over money from the cabin business as well as the profits from the Earth Wisdom School, will go into this dream. So every time you buy one of our books and read it then gift it to somebody else, you are a part of saving animals and giving children a better chance on a future. The sanctuary will be there to educate and help. 

UPDATE: The Sanctuary is becoming a reality!!! Check it out at www.happyheartsanctuary.org

book proceeds go directly to Happy Heart Sanctuary